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is often used alone with startling results. Not known as being a rapid mass builder, it provides steady and consistent results. Turinabol 10 does work to reduce sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and can be stacked with other steroids for greater effect.

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Turimed has a similar structure to Dianabol but features an added 4-chloro alteration of clostebol. This inhibits aromatization and reduces relative androgenicity. This makes it quite safe to take with very few androgenic side effects. It is not measurably estrogenic, nor is it aromatized by the body.

These characteristics make it a perfect cutting aide, when burning is required. Although not generally used in bulking cycles, it can be used to improve dry, lean muscle mass and also sizable strength increases. It is favored by fitness competitors and athletes who require improved sporting performance without carrying any excess weight.

  • Dosage: 50-60mg/day
  • Concentration: 10 mg/tab
  • Type: Lean Mass Cycle / mass / strength
  • Hepatotoxicity:   Yes
  • PCT:  Clomid + Nolvadex during recovery: 1 each day for 20 days


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