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Boldenone, also known as Equipoise, is a potent, well-balanced anabolic yet moderately androgenic steroid composed of undecylenate ester that stretches the activity of the drug such that you’ll need to repeat your injections only once after a span of 3 to 4 weeks. Being strong and more androgenic, this product is a perfect alternative for Deca-durabolin.

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Equimed is a versatile and popular synthetic anabolic/androgenic steroid. Also known as Equipoise, it’s a form of modified testosterone that displays strong anabolic and reduced androgenic properties to give the user a steady increase in both lean muscle mass and strength. It’s an excellent precontest steroid which markedly improves muscle hardness and density

Boldenone is ideal for the user wanting to built high quality and exceptionally well defined muscle. With many unique benefits, it’s a slow but steady gain of strength and quality lean muscle tissue. Boldenone is best suited for use in long cycles, from 8 to 10 weeks. Due to the linear and extended delivery of the hormone and low androgenic properties of Boldenone, the gains that are experienced are easily maintainable after your cycle ends. Today, many athletes enjoy this product which ranks among the most commonly used amongst bodybuilders

    • Dosage: 250 – 1500 mg / week
    • Concentration: 250 mg/ml
    • Type: Mass gain cycle / Endurance
    • Hepatotoxicity:   Low
    • PCT: Not required if used alone

2 reviews for Equipoise Undecylenate (Boldenone) 250mg 10ml – MACTROPIN

  1. Trevor

    First time using this supplier because my previous supplier discontinued my favorite lab. This site is absolutely ridiculous with the amount of deals and prices they have. Overall shipping took 18 days. Only started a week and a half ago so can’t speak much on how good the oil is but starting to get libido going. Strength and endurance when training is going up.

  2. Mioby

    My Bold product arrived perfectly packed. The order was confidentially delivered in a secure pack that had clearly written instructional pamphlets included. I’ve been using this product for a week now and my blood work result just came back normal. I’m looking forward to placing another order after my EQ cycle

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