What Occurs When Bodybuilders Quit Taking Steroids?

There is a real fear amongst many bodybuilders that as soon as they finish a steroid cycle, all their hard work in achieving bodybuilding gains would go to waste.

This is truly a genuine concern for many bodybuilders, but in truth, bodybuilders should really have no fears about what happens when they stop taking the steroids that have helped in giving them muscles that even Arnold (Schwarzenegger) would be impressed with.

When you stop using or taking steroid medicine, you do not automatically return to your initial body type. You also do not shrink in size or lose all your bodybuilding gains overnight, NO!! it just doesn’t happen that way.

While those steroids for sale that you purchased online and you relied on to help you gain some weight, boost your muscle and bone mass, and raise your energy levels for your high intensity training may no longer be necessary, it does not mean that you will suffer as a result of not using the steroids for bodybuilding.

By continuing to workout in the gym (even if not as intensely), you will still be able to maintain and sustain some appreciable level of muscle bulk. It is really all about keeping up good habits, which means hitting the gym regularly as always, lifting some weights as usual, and maintaining a good dietary plan.

I. Are Bodybuilding Gains Lost After Steroid Use?

When steroid medicine is used, it can either suppress your natural production of growth hormone or testosterone, or it can increase your hormones to levels that are above what can be considered as natural. Testosterone is a key bodybuilding hormone and one that many steroids for sale are designed after or made to mimic.

The introduction of steroids for bodybuilding in your body will promote several bodybuilding gains, such as:

  • An increase in your metabolic rate which prevents you from storing fat deposits and causes you to lose excess weight,


  • increasing your appetite and enabling you to gain weight from consuming nourishing food at regular intervals,


  • a significant growth in muscle mass due to an increase in protein synthesis in your skeletal muscles,


  • a thicker, denser bone mass,


  • a boost in the production of red blood cells in your body which results in your muscle tissues having a rich supply of oxygenated blood. This reduces lactic acid build up in your muscles and provides you with energy, strength, stamina, and exceptional endurance levels.


Real steroids for sale from trusted online sites like oxygengym.store will provide you with all these bodybuilding benefits and much more, but you DO NOT lose all your bodybuilding gains just because you no longer buy real steroid online and you have stopped running steroid cycles or stacks.

Your body goes through a period of steroid withdrawal when you stop using steroids. At this stage, your body is no longer being supplied with huge amounts of synthetic growth hormone or testosterone which may cause your muscle mass to be less pronounced as before. But this does not mean that you will instantly become skinny, far from it!

Once you stop using steroids, your body adjusts to the situation and gradually it will begin to generate its own natural hormones (as before) like testosterone which were suppressed while you were taking steroid medicine in a cycle.

As mentioned earlier, by maintaining regular workout sessions, and a good balanced diet, you may not have Hulk-like muscle gains, but you definitely would not lose any significant bulk.

II. Why is Post-Cycle Therapy Important After you Stop Using Steroids?

After every successfully completed cycle whether you were using injectable steroids or steroids pills, you need to undergo post-cycle therapy or otherwise referred to by the acronym of “PCT”.

PCT is necessary for all steroid users as it helps them to restore a balance to their body’s current hormonal level. No matter what steroids for sale you buy and use, you need to get your natural hormones back to their normal level afterwards.

Many steroids suppress testosterone in its natural state which means that the testes for example, would stop producing testosterone because the synthetic steroid introduced into your bloodstream has raised your testosterone to an above normal level.

Your body will not produce natural testosterone when the artificial testosterone you introduce into your body is already so high. When you no longer buy real steroid online and you stop using steroids entirely, you need to kick start your endocrine system to start to produce natural hormones, PCT will help in this regard.

PCT entails the use of anti-estrogen medication to reduce the estrogen in your body. A high concentration of estrogen is responsible for feminization side effects in male steroid users characterised by gynecomastia or the development of enlarged breasts.

However, in the case of female steroid users, those steroids for sale that have high anabolic effects like testosterone enanthate, can cause masculinization side effects which are characterised by the enlargement of the clitoris, excessive facial and body hair growth, and a hoarse masculine voice.

With post-cycle therapy, the high testosterone levels in female bodybuilders would be gradually, but surely reduced to a normal level thereby preventing the emergence of virilization side effects.

Those that have continually used steroids even beyond their cycle and have ignored PCT would naturally be more susceptible to masculinization and virilization side effects.

In addition to this, these bodybuilders may also have irreversible side effects like organ damage (for example, damage of the liver, kidneys or heart). These people may also find it hard to cope with steroid withdrawal and it may take longer for them to have their body start to produce natural hormones once again.

The use of a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) like Proviron, Clomid, Nolvadex or Arimidex during post-cycle therapy will help to reduce the estrogen concentration in your body while also helping to stabilise your hormonal levels.



III. Conclusion

If you are currently on any anabolic steroid cycle and you have no intention of starting another cycle once your current cycle expires. You do not have to worry about losing your bodybuilding gains.

For starters, when you stop using steroids pills or steroid injections, your body goes through a process of steroid withdrawal. It may take some time for your body to start producing its natural hormones on its own, but undergoing post-cycle therapy after completing a steroid cycle will help to regulate your hormonal level while also reducing any androgenic effects that may arise from your steroid use.

Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) medications help to subdue the rise in your estrogen levels while stimulating your body’s endocrine system to start producing hormones like growth hormones and testosterone.

However, with the many different steroids for sale, you need to ensure that you only buy real steroid online and not unverifiable, adulterated black market steroids or overhyped steroid alternatives. Fake steroid products can be highly detrimental to your health, so beware!

On a final note, you should have no worries about the consequence of stopping your steroid use. You do have to stop sometime, so whether it’s today or tomorrow, it really doesn’t matter.

What is important is that you maintain your discipline. You need to keep doing the right things, like going for regular medical checkups, eating well (a balanced diet consisting of carbs, fats, minerals, vitamins, and proteins) and working out as often as you can.

You should also make sure you first of all consult with your bodybuilding trainer anytime you need to buy steroids for sale online. This also applies to when you intend starting your next steroid cycle.

Your trainer would give you the best advice on what steroids to get as well as on what steroid cycle or stack of steroids would be safe and ideally suited to your specific bodybuilding needs.

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