Most-effective Anabolic Steroids for Weight Loss

As a bodybuilder and fitness instructor, one question I get asked more often than most is “what are the best steroids for weight loss?” This question is very interesting because personally I help a lot of people (both male and female) run cutting cycles and many of them wish to step up their program with the use of anabolic-steroids.

So after giving this question some thought and based on my personal experience, I decided to highlight my choice for the best steroids for weight loss in this post.

However, keep in mind that the anabolic steroids mentioned here are those that worked for me and close buddies of mine, so while I recommend them, you still have to consult with your bodybuilding program coordinator, doctor or whoever you need to talk to before starting a steroid cycle.

Right! So now if you are ready, let’s begin with one of my all-time favourite AAS and one of the best weight loss steroids for females, a drug called Oxandrolone, but popularly known as Anavar.

#1 : Anavar one of the Best Steroids for Weight Loss

While admittedly the anabolic rating of Anavar is pretty high and this AAS is actually great for running a bulking cycle, you should know that the high anabolic properties of Anavar can also help in giving you fantastic cutting cycle results.

For starters, Anavar can inhibit the production of stress hormones including glucocorticoid hormones, such as  cortisol in your body which have a bad rep for promoting an increase in fat deposits while at the same time causing muscle loss. The anabolic activities of Anavar will protect you from a loss of muscle mass while preventing water retention as well.

With Anavar, your metabolic rate increases which also helps you in burning body fat and that includes belly fat. This anabolic steroid is a mild bulking steroid, so while it will help you lose weight, it will not excessively bulk up your muscle mass. You will have lean muscles that are well toned when you use Anavar and you do not have to worry about safety, as this AAS is one of the safest around.

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#2 : WinstrolOne of the Best Weight Loss Steroids for Females

Winstrol is another one of the best steroids for weight loss that I recommend. Also, called Stanozolol, Winstrol has properties that work great if you want to run a bulking and cutting cycle. Winstrol will boost protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in your muscles to help in building muscle mass and preventing muscle loss as well. However,  similar to Anavar, Winstrol will increase your metabolism which helps you in burning fat.

This steroid will not encourage water retention therefore further reducing any excess weight. To add to this, Winstrol will boost the circulation of testosterone in your body while also increasing protein production for enhanced muscle growth which in itself will result in the burning of calories and fat. Winstrol is one of the best weight loss steroids for females as it encourages a greater burning of fat while providing lean muscle mass at the same time.

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#3 : Clenbuterol or Clen

Technically, Clenbuterol or popularly known as “Clen” is not a typical anabolic steroid, but a beta-2 agonist, which means that it helps to break down fat cells which subsequently get used up by the body as energy fuel.

Clen is in fact a thermogenic fat burner and stimulant that raises the core temperature of your body in a process known as thermogenesis. By doing so, your metabolic rate is increased and this leads to fat burning and weight loss. In addition to this, Clen will help to inhibit your appetite and thereby prevent increasing your calorie count and building up fat deposits.

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#4 : Trenbolone or Tren

Trenbolone or Tren works in a similar way as Anavar because it is a very potent anti-glucocorticoid. Tren will inhibit the production of catabolic stress hormone known as cortisol which plays a big part in how the body stores up fat deposits.

When the cortisol hormone level in your body is high, your body will store up fat deposits while if the cortisol level is low, then your body will burn stored up fat deposits.

Tren is a stimulant just like Clen and in the same way, it also offers thermogenic properties as it will increase your core temperature (thermogenesis), raise your rate of metabolism, burn excess calories and fat while causing you to lose weight in the process. It is not unusual for you to feel kind of hot and to sweat profusely when you use Tren, “Tren Sweats” are all part of the thermogenesis process.

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#5 : Cytomel and Reductil Supplements for Consideration

Cytomel or T3 is a synthetic hormone that is designed to mimic the natural hormone that is secreted by the thyroid gland. However, while the natural thyroid hormone is made up of triiodide-thyronine, T3 consists mainly of Liothyronine Sodium.

The primary job of the thyroid hormone is to regulate body temperature, the rate of metabolism and the proper functions of the human brain. T3 can be used as a supplement by bodybuilders to help with boosting their metabolic rate which in turn causes them to lose excess body fat.

Another supplement that you should consider using for weight loss is Reductil. The active component of this drug is sibutramine. Sibutramine will boost noradrenaline and serotonin production in the brain and in the process it suppresses your appetite for food, as you have a feeling of satiety. When your food intake reduces, you are more likely to lose excessive body fat especially when backed with hardwork in the gym and good nutrition.

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In Closing

These are four of my own list of the best steroids for weight loss. Clen and Tren act as stimulants which have thermogenic properties that can help you to burn calories and fat by increasing your core temperature while boosting your metabolic rate.

Tren and Anavar have anti-glucocorticoid properties which help to lower your stress hormone (cortisol) production and in effect lower your body fat. Anavar is a mild, subtle steroid that will burn fat and encourage weight loss while still ensuring that you have lean muscle mass while Winstrol for me, is one of the best weight loss steroids for me females.

Finally, to get the best out of the fat burning and weight loss properties of stimulants like Tren and Clen, you would have to stack them with Anavar or Winstrol. Also, make sure to consult with your trainer in order to get the right stack and dosage that works for you.

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